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By Anuradha

How to avoid filing amendments to your 10-Ks & Qs

If companies miss reporting certain disclosures, they are required to file an amendment. Investors, market analysts and stakeholders see amendments as a red flag as registrants are expected to submit complete and accurate information in their first attempt itself. Read how you can avoid this here.

By Shrinidhi

No Hidden Agenda: When and How to record data in the Hidden Section

Inline XBRL provides a mechanism for tagging data items in the Hidden Section as they do not normally appear on the human-readable side of the AFS. Here we take a closer look at which items should be tagged here and when.

By Anuradha

What is iXBRL and what benefits does it provide?

XBRL makes data machine-readable whereas the iXBRL format is human as well as machine readable. Here we take a closer look at what benefits it offers and how many countries globally have already adopted iXBRL as their official reporting standard.

By Anuradha

Three things you need to know about the 1st of July 2018 CIPC mandate

South Africa has recently moved from a paper based to digital financial reporting beginning 1st July 2018 with the implementation of Inline XBRL (iXBRL), read about Who, When and How to get geared for it.

By S Swaminathan

Which software is used most for iXBRL filings of South African companies to CIPC?

50% of the companies participating in the CIPC, SA pilot picked IRISCARBONĀ® for their filings with CIPC. What do you intend to choose?

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