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By Trevor Pyman

Aggregating Data? With XBRL, the Possibilities are Endless

XBRL if leveraged properly, can help regulators streamline data aggregation and analysis seemless and limitfree. With more than 15 implementations across the world, read our expert views.

By S Swaminathan

Crack Crime with XBRL

Moving paper records to XBRL can help piecing together of information faster without inherent contradictions.This can make investigations speedier and subsequent prosecutions more effective. An application of XBRL for fraud detection.

By S Swaminathan

What XBRL is not?

XBRL more often than not is misunderstood as a concept. The myths about XBRL need to be broken. You probably know what it is, but do you know what XBRL is not?

By Pooja

Everything You Need to Know About iXBRL

iXBRL or inline XBRL, a recent version of XBRL allows the preparer to present financial information in a format that is both human and machine readable. It retains the original format of the source document while converting it into an XBRL document.

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