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By Maya

What Happens When Values in XBRL are Captured with Wrong Signage

XBRL has the ability to separate the presentation layer from the calculation layer i.e. the way the information is captured for calculation versus for presentation. Hence, a negative reported item need not be negative in XBRL. Read on to find out the effect of wrong signage in XBRL filing.

By S Swaminathan

Don’t Just Digitise, XBRLise

The Digital India vision must recognize that to simply digitize will not be enough; it is also important to XBRLize. Indeed, the smartest way of attaining the final objective of getting clean data, would be to adopt structured data using XBRL.

By S Swaminathan

How XBRL can Make Air Travel Safe in India

Indian pilots get a license to fly by merely stating that they have 360 flight hours during training. But deeper probing of records proves it to be just 35 mins. Is the DGCA aware of the implications? Can accidents be proactively avoided by paying a little more attention?

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