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By Anurag

Using Technology to Future-proof Compliance

With increased complexity in the regulatory environment, and growing demands on the compliance office, can technology help reduce an organizations risk of non-compliance?

By K Balachandran

Urban Missions - Shall We Put All that Data Out?

Among the several ambitious initiatives the Modi government has embarked on, the ‘Digital India’ and Smart City & AMRUT urban missions clearly have the potential to not only change the grammar of governance but also spark a wave of citizen participation that would pave the way for meaningful public oversight.

By Aniruddha

When to Use a Negative Signage in XBRL : A Bird's Eye-view on Calculation Link

An XBRL US study suggests that more than 50% of XBRL quality issues due to the use of wrong signage. With the setup of the XBRL US Center for Data Quality, the message to the community is clear: Quality matters.

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