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By Vineet

Are You Babysitting Your 10-Q and 10-K

With SEC filings to be made every quarter, a compliance office is busy through the year. Is there a way to ensure a top-quality filing while having full visibility and control over your document?

By Anurag

Who Moved My Document?

Cloud Computing is finding application in organizations’ compliance programs making teams more productive, enabling collaboration, saving costs and crunching timelines. Are you part of the change?

By Deepta

Gut and Data in Decision-Making: Strange Bedfellows or Formidable Duo?

Organizations are driven by decisions and the way they are made may well determine outcomes. Are you taking advantage of the data explosion to drive decision-making or still relying solely on gut feel? Learn how data and gut can go together to positively influence outcomes.

By K Balachandran

Plug-in Those Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet getting updated with real-time data within minutes of results getting filed sounds like every analyst’s dream. Can it really happen?

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