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By Ashwini

Is it Homecoming Yet for Undistributed Foreign Earnings?

$764 bn or 40% of aggregate FY 2015 revenues for top US multinationals is lying offshore. With increased focus on the existing deferral tax system can we expect a homecoming for undistributed foreign earnings?

By Ashwini

When GE Got it Wrong: Glaring Mistake in GE’s 10 K for FY 2015

Tucked away in the footnotes of the 10 K of GE, is an item that has caught our attention. A difference in scale (million vs billion) between the html and xbrl filings. At a time, when the SEC is increasing scrutiny on the quality of filings, are such mistakes acceptable?

By Vaishali

It’s a ‘Crude’ Shock for Shale Companies

Shale companies that were churning out enormous oil outputs in better times are today recording high impairment charges and reduced capex. Are shale companies in the throes of a financial turmoil? Read on to look at what we found.

By Suchita

Where Every Day is Women’s Day

With over 45% of women employees, IRIS recognizes the true value of a diverse workforce. A female employee brings her innate strengths to the table– adaptability, resourcefulness, empathy & risk taking capabilities. She is more than her achievements; her presence itself is a reason to celebrate. And here, we not only celebrate her today, this International Women’s Day, but every day because #EveryDayIsWomensDay.

By Anuradha

A 5 Step Guide to Incorporating Proactive Compliance into Your Business

With the cost of non compliance moving from penalties and litigations to audits, diminished brand value and higher attrition rates, more & more organizations are adopting Proactive Compliance that maps compliance processes, controls, audits and risk plans back to the business. A 5 step guide to incorporate proactive compliance into your business.

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