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By Shrinidhi

5 Easy Inline XBRL Tagging Rules to Master Your SEC Filing

Since the SEC's announcement on voluntary filing in iXBRL, more and more companies are looking to adopt iXBRL given its time and cost efficiencies. In response to any questions filers might have, we have come up with a list of 5 easy inline XBRL tagging rules to help you master your inline XBRL SEC filing.

By Anuradha

10 Facts You Need to Know About Inline XBRL for SEC Filing

The SEC’s move to accept voluntary iXBRL filings is a blessing for the filing community. It has long term benefits of reduction in report preparation time and costs and increase in data use for analysis. Here is a list of 10 facts you need to know about the SEC's announcement on inline XBRL filing.

By Anuradha

Inline XBRL to Raise the Ante on Data Quality

The SEC has announced that it will allow companies to voluntarily file structured financial statement data in Inline XBRL (iXBRL). What does this move augur for filing companies and for data quality in general?

By Shilpa

Is Incorrect Context Hampering Your Data Quality?

Good quality data can be achieved by putting in place validation rules and checks that can help clean data at the source itself. But quality has many dimensions and therefore checks too need to go beyond data-related ones to include technical validity, inconsistencies and other hygiene factors. How can we address the many dimensions of data quality?

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