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By Vaishali

Verizon Acquires Yahoo at $4.83 bn

Verizon buys Yahoo at $4.83 bn finishing the era of the technological giant. In the last few years Yahoo inflated its balance sheet with goodwill valuations that burst in FY 2015. Read a detailed analysis here.

By Shilpa

Can Your Validated XBRL Report have Incorrect Data?

Though XBRL has in-built rules to validate data at source, there are some data inconsistencies that still pass the validation rules yet provide incorrect data. Read here to know how these can be tackled by having multiple rules and checks.

By Shilpa

Decided to Prepare Your First Inline XBRL Filing: What’s Next?

A guide for those who have decided to prepare their SEC filing in inline XBRL format, this document introduces SEC filers to the SEC's inline XBRL viewer. It also details the need to transform inline xbrl to xbrl and to validate the inline xbrl document. Read to know more.

By M K

Share Based Compensation: An Accounting Tool to Retain Talent?

With the current spurt in ecommerce, many companies use share-based compensation to attract and retain quality talent. However, with a slip in valuation, the market may negatively discount the high share-based compensation. Should share-based compensation be treated as a cash expense?

By Shilpa

Nervous About the SEC's Shift to Inline XBRL Format? These Success Stories Will Inspire Confidence

Are you nervous about the SEC’s shift to inline XBRL format? But inline XBRL is not new and many regulators have adopted iXBRL for its many advantages. Here are some success stories of inline xbrl implementations from around the world.

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