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By K Balachandran

Get the DOPE on Public Money

Can you track the use of public money? With data standards like XBRL and a focus on end use, participative governance is a closer reality. Read here to know how.

By Vaishali

An Analyst’s Guide to Evaluating Banking Stocks: Part 1

Though the banking industry has always received a lot of analyst coverage, analysing banks isn’t easy. Read part 1 of our Analyst's Guide to master your banking industry analysis.

By Anuradha

Numbers Carry Weight: Why this is Important for a Quality SEC Filing

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is paying a lot of attention to data quality in company filings. The use of incorrect signs is one of the most common mistakes in many filings and can be taken care of by understanding how to use the weight attribute within XBRL. Read on to understand what is this all about and why you should be paying close attention as a filer.

By Revathy

Handling Dynamic Business Needs Without Changing XBRL Taxonomy

Today more than 100 regulators across 60 countries have adopted XBRL to transform their compliance and regulatory reporting. Several have also realized the need for easy maintenance post XBRL implementation. Can dynamic business needs be handled without changing the XBRL taxonomy?

By Vaishali

Operating Lease as Balance Sheet item: Are Companies Prepared for the Ramifications?

The FASB released an Accounting Standard Update (ASU) in February 2016 on the treatment of operating lease transactions. The new ASU could result in adverse effect on certain company financial ratios such as Asset Turnover, RoCE, Return on Asset and Net Worth. Read our analysis on the S&P 100 here.

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