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By Shilpa

XBRL Filing: Going from Compliance Cost to Strategic Aide

7 years after XBRL was introduced for SEC filing in the US, it hasn't achieved its true potential with filers. It continues to be pinned down as compliance cost instead of being seen as a strategic aide to the CFO. But XBRL is about more than just cost and has a lot to offer even to filers.

By Vaishali

Master Your SEC Filing Analysis: From Disparate to Comparable Data

Most of an analyst's time goes into aggregating rather than analysing data. With XBRL in place, this has been addressed, but only partially. Is there a way to move from disparate to comparable data?

By Tijo

MCA Brings CSR Reporting Under XBRL Domain

MCA recently release draft CNI taxonomy 2016 which contains a section dedicated to report CSR expenditure by companies. CSR activities, made mandatory in India since 2014, though not related to the business of the Company have accounting implications. Read to find out, how you need to report your CSR spend in XBRL

By Vaishali

An Analyst’s Guide to Evaluating Banking Stocks: Part 2

Though the banking industry has always received a lot of analyst coverage, analysing banks isn’t easy. Read part 2 of our Analyst's Guide to master your banking industry analysis.

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