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MCI, Saudi Arabia Drives Digital Agenda with XBRL-based QAWAEM Program

The MCI, Saudi Arabia wanted to gather transparent and accurate financial information to help enhance the economic database of its commercial sector. And receiving this information from over 3 million entities in hard copies made it almost impossible to collect data and perform easy, quick analysis. Read how MCI implemented a filing solution leading to easy availability of data for further use and analysis.

ESCA monitors complex Fiscal Compliance with FIX (electronic filing platform) based on IRIS iFile

SCA, UAE, the financial markets's regulator, makes data machine readable and more accessible accompanied with fast transmission. With automated validation, analysis and report generation, SCA has achieved upto 50% of productivity improvements of brokers and plan to reap benefits for listed comanies as well. Read how SCA pioneered XBRL adoption.

RBI Moves from Document to Information-based Reporting System Using IRIS iFILE

RBI migrates RCA2 return based on Basel II and other regulatory reporting forms to XBRL framework under ORFS. Read the detailed case study here to know how RBI achieved a seamless workflow for information exchange with near 100% accuracy.

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