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A global full service XBRL software, services and solutions provider

IRIS Business Services Limited is one of the first provider of full professional XBRL products and solutions to organizations globally. The company headquartered in Mumbai, India with international offices in United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the UAE.

IRIS is a direct member of XBRL International and XBRL US. The Company has over eighteen years of proven expertise in the financial information management space, providing customized technology solutions for data and content management, for the dissemination of information to investors and stock exchanges, and for effective content management to institutional clients.

Over the last seven years, IRIS has been very closely involved in the XBRL space, in taxonomy creation, software solutions and in the conversion of structured and unstructured data into XBRL for SEC filing in the US. IRIS has multidisciplinary skills in XBRL as well as in technology. Taxonomy experts, software engineers, business analysts and accountants come together to provide a complete range of products and services across the XBRL supply chain.


IRIS’ XBRL based solutions and services include:


  Software products, tools and services for authoring and consumption of XBRL data
  Data conversion services from structured and unstructured data into XBRL
  It enables workflow based e-filing solutions for Regulators in Capital Markets and Banking
 XBRL Consulting and Training Services
 Taxonomy development and testing services


IRIS offers solutions for:


IRIS supports content requirements for institutional clients as well as retail clients both in the Indian and global markets. The content solutions range from raw data provision, to newsletter creation and research support. Our digitization division undertakes a large volume digitization of financial content. Our financial training division offers programs both to retail and institutional clients.


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  • In January 2015 the Department of Business Development (DBD) under the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), Thailand introduced XBRL for voluntary electronic submission (e-filing) of financial statements of legal entities /businesses for the FY2015 reporting period and onwards. This was done to facilitate rapid and accurate disclosures, vital for transparency, efficiency and accountability.

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  • What is ESG? ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). It is a business review of a company’s economic, environmental and social impacts, caused by everyday business operations and activities.

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