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XCS™ for India MCA filings

IRIS leverages its extensive experience in generating XBRL documents for companies across the globe to effortlessly meet MCA XBRL filing requirements. IRIS with its extensive experience in developing XBRL taxonomies for ICAI, RBI, SEBI as well as MCA and a strong team of over 300 XBRL experts, powered by state of the art proprietary XBRL authoring tools, we offer the perfect turnkey XBRL document creation solution. From 2011 onwards, XCS has been the choice for more than 375 corporate and its subsidiaries.

IRIS document creation process follows the global delivery model across geographies with a strong emphasis on client confidentiality and information security leveraging its global expertise, understanding of the various taxonomies and client specific needs. IRIS is one of the few companies having full spectrum of capabilities to meet client requirements based on its strategy be it outsourcing, doing the conversion in house or automating the XBRL reporting process.  IRIS offers a range of MCA focused XBRL solutions including web-based   & desktop-based applications; XBRL authoring tool; Spreadsheet Plug-in , End to End Financial Reporting and Training.

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  • iFile Lite

    Create MCA compliant XBRL documents using a plug-in based on the most widely used spreadsheet application MS Excel.

  • IRIS Proton™

    IRIS Proton is a state-of-the-art tool for XBRL authoring and validation equipped with the flexibility to accept input data from unstructured, semi-structured or structured files.

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  • We worked with IRIS for 2 years and have had an excellent experience. All our queries and suggestions were well accepted. Keep it going.

    Shreya Arora, Polar Industries Limited
  • iFile Lite is a good interface and user friendly.

    Vinay Patni, Reliance Infrastructure Limited
  • In January 2015 the Department of Business Development (DBD) under the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), Thailand introduced XBRL for voluntary electronic submission (e-filing) of financial statements of legal entities /businesses for the FY2015 reporting period and onwards. This was done to facilitate rapid and accurate disclosures, vital for transparency, efficiency and accountability.

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