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IRIS’ Data Consumption Platform (DCP) is a rich, structured data repository giving you access to global normalized and as reported financial and non-financial data of public and private companies culled from their XBRL filings. Supported with a rich set of tools to enable high end analytics and mash-ups with other data sets, DCP can help you make better and faster decisions powered by accurate data. 


Our Offerings:

CleanData™ : CleanData™ is a cloud-based global repository of business and financial data culled from XBRL filings. You can search and analyze financial information on companies across industries and geographies with a trace-back of every value to the source document. Coupled with a business intelligence engine to perform analytics, CleanData also has data APIs that can feed data into outside applications ranging from mash-ups to enterprise business intelligence platforms.


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iConnectiConnect is an MS®Excel® based add-in that provides you access to a repository of publicly available XBRL data that you can download directly into spreadsheets. With iConnect, you can focus on analyzing financial data rather than aggregating it from disparate sources. The application also allows you to add textual commentary to the report to provide additional insight and guidance.

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Automated StoriesAutomated Stories is an application to turn financial data into text snippets with meaningful insights. With the capability to prepare insightful stories in real- time, Automated Stories can be used for both internal and external consumption by enterprises. With added functionality for edits, the user can add specific insights and commentary to provide additional information.


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  • Rich Normalized Data

    Corporate fundamentals data both as reported to regulators and normalized, giving you deeper information and insight. Data is also comparable across markets, industries and geographies.

  • Easy Customization

    Normalization rules that are not only visible to you but can also be customized so that youhave the flexibility to use the data based on your specific needs.

  • Flexible Delivery

    Delivered via a platform of your choice, DCP can be made available as a data feed via APIs, spreadsheet plug-ins or through web and mobile interfaces.

  • Links to Source

    Platform allows you to trace back to the original source document filed with the regulator, linking back to the exact place on the document where the data item was referenced.

  • Multi-lingual Capability

    Using language labels, data can be made available in any language of choice, making it easier for onward dissemination and therefore wider consumption.

  • Other User Benefits

    Improved accuracy with validations, seamless interoperability with other applications and a robust search allowing for multi-company and multi-concept search.

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  • In January 2015 the Department of Business Development (DBD) under the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), Thailand introduced XBRL for voluntary electronic submission (e-filing) of financial statements of legal entities /businesses for the FY2015 reporting period and onwards. This was done to facilitate rapid and accurate disclosures, vital for transparency, efficiency and accountability.

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  • What is ESG? ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). It is a business review of a company’s economic, environmental and social impacts, caused by everyday business operations and activities.

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