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IRIS started in 1994 out of an entrepreneurial passion to organise financial content. Since then and almost two decades later this passion continues to be what IRIS stands for while the world has gone through radical transformations in technology. 


We believe, this passion has been sustained by our unique culture that encourages people to harmonise their whole self, and not just professional aspirations, with the organisation’s pursuits. Our unique culture over the years has also structured IRIS into an employee owned organisation.


As one of the earliest global professional XBRL company, IRIS has persistently innovated in XBRL products and solutions for users all over the world. Constant innovation has always provided opportunities for IRIS’ technology talent to develop and work on frontier technologies. Any techie in IRIS can be assured of solving complex problems everyday in the name of our passion to organize financial content.


Besides tech talent, IRIS is the largest XBRL talent organisation in India. Our XBRL professionals - academically qualified as chartered accountants, cost and work accountants, or accounting graduates - consult, service or support many well known public and corporate organisations in India and the world. 


If not creating a valuable piece of code for a new product or analysing the financials of a Fortune 100 company, IRISians immerse in activities for learning, recharging or just having fun: office gardening, yoga, meditation, community work, maintaining a library, ... 





At IRIS it’s all about removing barriers so IRISians can focus on the things they love, both inside and outside of work. We’re constantly searching for unique ways to improve the health and happiness of our IRISians. And it doesn’t stop there--our hope is that, ultimately, you become a better person by working here.

  • Young people profile
  • Informal and open culture
  • Flat organizational
  • Flexible work options
  • Employee Stock Options Plan
  • Continuous soft skill & technical training




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IRIS Business Services Award Acceptance speech by @iris_swami, Founder and CEO @XBRL_IRIS at #TIOL2022 #Awardwinning #TaxTwitter #tax 08 Nov 2022

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